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Vincent Yee was born in Boston, Massachusetts. Having worked in the corporate world for over a decade in various managerial roles, he rekindled his passion for Asian American issues and a dormant penchant for creative writing to begin a new chapter in his life by writing Asian American fiction, starting with his first book, The Purple Heart. Vincent Yee was a former National President for the National Association of Asian American Professionals (NAAAP). He’s also been known to create artistic culinary dishes for friends. He now lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

One of the few reasons why he wanted to write was to portray Asian American men and women positively and put them into engaging stories that have a modern twist. In a media driven society where Asian Americans are constantly portrayed as one-dimensional characters, his goal was to create stories where Asian American characters come to life and to draw readers into an immersive story that will jostle their emotions and leave them caring for the characters.

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